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Fire remediation involves the comprehensive process of restoring a property after a fire incident. This includes assessing the damage, removing debris, cleaning and repairing the structure, and addressing any lingering effects such as smoke odor or soot residue. The goal of fire remediation is to return the property to a safe and habitable condition while minimizing the impact of fire damage.

Smoke damage cleaning is a crucial aspect of fire remediation that focuses on removing smoke residues and odors from surfaces and indoor environments. Smoke contains various harmful substances, including soot, ash, and chemical compounds, which can penetrate porous materials and linger long after the fire has been extinguished. Smoke damage cleaning involves specialized techniques and equipment to effectively clean and deodorize affected areas.

It's essential to contact a professional like CPR+ for fire remediation and smoke damage cleaning for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Fire-damaged properties can pose safety hazards due to structural damage, unstable conditions, and potential exposure to harmful substances. Professionals have the training and expertise to assess risks and implement appropriate safety measures during remediation.

  2. Specialized Equipment: Professionals utilize specialized equipment and techniques for fire remediation and smoke damage cleaning, including industrial-grade cleaners, HEPA vacuums, ozone generators, and thermal fogging devices. These tools are essential for thorough cleaning and deodorization.

  3. Comprehensive Restoration: Fire remediation requires more than just cleaning visible damage. Professionals can identify hidden damage, such as smoke residues in HVAC systems or behind walls, and provide comprehensive restoration services to ensure that all traces of smoke damage are addressed.

  4. Faster Recovery: Professional fire remediation services can expedite the recovery process, minimizing downtime and helping property owners return to their homes or businesses as quickly as possible. With their expertise and resources, professionals can streamline the remediation process and facilitate smoother insurance claims.

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At the forefront of everything we do is a comprehensive training program to ensure you get the quality you need.

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Navigating the industry

Part of a loss of any kind is confusion associated with coverage and cost. Let our experts help give a guiding hand, we can work with any provider

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Always Available

We work to be available to you no matter the time, life can happen in all forms. We're here to help.

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The Tools to Get the Job Done

From dehumidifiers down to a ladder, having the equipment alone can be an overwhelming part of any job. Recruit a professional to assure your property is fully restored.

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Fire Damage Restoration
The damage caused by a fire can leave numerous safety hazards in the construction of a building. We assist in the removal and reconstruction caused by those damages.

Commercial Fire Damage
An accidental fire can throw a business into a tail spin. We've completed numerous commercial fire projects and are proud of our ability to get Wisconsin back to work.

Smoke Damage
Smoke from a fire can leave behind dangerous carcinogens on any number of materials in a building, enlist a professional to make certain of your family's safety.

A fire can leave behind odors that can seem impossible to remove. Through a combination of equipment and expert know-how let us help with that.

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