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Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, will your business survive?
With CPR it will!

After a fire, flood, chemical spill or other disaster, not only do you need to deal with the restoration of your building, but you also have customers and employees to worry about. If the restoration is going to take 4 months to complete, your customers and employees will find other places to shop and work. Loosing key personal can be more devastating than the actual disaster was.

Let's look at a recent restoration project that CPR was a part of. In this case a factory suffered a fire in their office space. The offices sustain heavy damage and at first that was their focus. However, the machinery on the floor also suffered possible damage from smoke and water. To minimize the damage to the machinery and to begin fulfilling orders again, our focus was turned toward getting the machinery back online, while we brought in portable office space, telephone capabilities and utilities. In short order, the company was taking calls, receiving orders, fulfilling orders. Prompt mitigation work to wipe down the machinery and using an experienced large loss specialist was critical in limiting the loss.

Another part of business continuity is focusing on employees and helping to ensure your specially trained or key personally stay with you. Most Business Interruption Policies do not pay employees during the time it takes to rebuild the facility. Therefore, it is critical to find a way to utilize and pay them during the restoration. Whenever possible, CPR will temporarily employ your staff and train them in the ways of cleaning equipment and damaged surfaces.

This is a unique field which requires a broad spectrum of knowledge that is simply outside the understanding of most restorer's realm of competency. You need to find a highly experienced restorer for all your large loss needs. Ask about their experience in doing specialty type projects like yours and then call to speak with their clients to verify what you are hearing. Selecting the right restoration company could be the difference between a large project going well and ending quickly, to one that is frustrating and lasts for weeks to months. Call CPR today!