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About Us

Our Philosophy

Be the Best! For many years we advertised with 'Best Trained, Best Qualified, Simply the Best'. Today that may not be enough so we've improved that philosophy. We've added the concept that today you have to 'Under Promise and Over Deliver'. If we do that then there is no reason we cannot or will not surprise and delight our customers. No one has ever complained that we got them into their home too fast, or that a business owner was back up and running too soon; fast response times with equally paced repair work matters, Certified Professional Restoration fully understands your needs.


It takes specialized experience and constantly updated training exclusive to this business. It is all we do. Because it is a difficult business to execute, we do make mistakes. What steps we take to correct the issue and how quickly we react to do it is how we should be judged.

Let us show you what being the best is all about! Serving and Saving Wisconsin!

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