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Biohazard & Trauma Scene Cleanup

Biohazard & Trauma Scene Cleanup

This highly Specialized Business requires compassion, integrity, understanding and patience. We try to be highly respectful of those involved following an event where blood, trauma or other human pathogens are part of the loss.

Biohazard Training & Certification

We possess the Certifications and Training as well as the protections you need to deal with these unique claims. We understand this can be a very trying and painful time. We will do our level best to honor your loved ones and property while removing that which has caused the loss and damage.

We assure you we will not make people who are left to deal with these matters, a victim of unfair or exorbitant billing practices. We will be respectful of your feelings and do our best to get in and out as quickly as practical in each loss.

All Trauma Scene and Biohazard cleanup requires Specialized Training and Certification before working on-site. Verify that your project has the most highly trained and qualified technicians around to perform this work. Be sure your restoration firm also has the correct insurance coverages to handle this work for your protection as well.

HEP A+B Requirements

Any work on Blood or Bio-Hazard projects need to have the required Hepatitis A+B shots to work on the job. Be sure to protect yourself and others. We use all safety precautions to safeguard you and our employees from any pathogens as a result of a Trauma Scene loss. Consequently, our precautions allow us to perform superior work while protecting current and future occupants from any concerns later.


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