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Hybrid vs Gas Engine

We have employed the use of Ford Minivans for at least 5 years due to the greater load capacity and excellent fuel efficiencies to be gained with these large cargo space V6 Mini-vans for use by our Mitigation crews versus the use of high gas consuming full size Vans. We still have a couple larger V8 vans but try to limit their use to Carpenters who need the extra length for sheets of plywood, lumber and drywall. The minis have allowed us for years to enjoy lower overall gas consumption and replaced the heavier and bulkier Full-size vans long before it was fashionable. It was practical and made good sense while saving significant fuel costs.

In addition, in late 2007 and 2008 we went to the Ford Focus’ for all of our Estimators and some Marketers. We chose that vehicle for many reasons. Simply put, it just made sense when you run a fleet of 20 vehicles to gain efficiencies whenever and wherever you can. We weighed the costs of other alternative energy vehicles like Hybrids but after completion of lots of research came to several troubling conclusions. So we stayed with high efficiency gas powered vehicles with gas mileages rated in the mid-thirties.

Did you know?

  • Hybrids actually cause deforestation and additional environmental damage to occur from the additional mining activities in pursuit of the large amounts of Lithium needed in the several hundred pounds of lithium ion batteries per vehicle used in todays Hybrids.
  • Overall Cost of operation of Hybrids due to specialized components and repairs, requires higher maintenance costs. There are much lower costs associated with traditional gas engines due to lower repair costs.
  • Hybrids then came with higher costs of insurance due to the unique cost, higher overall cost to replace and so on.
  • Hybrids also have a new environmental concern after they are done; battery replacement including the cost of disposal of old batteries and their waste byproduct. Can’t just toss those in the garbage can and make them inert.
  • Finally, We bought our fleet cars because if all else wasn’t persuasive enough, they were American Made!

We here at CPR are proud of our long history of implementing policies, programs and procedures such as the added cost to us of having a separate specifically designated dumpster for recycling our paper and cardboard. We use green building practices and, where possible, recycle old cabinets or building materials that are otherwise salvageable and are donated to The Restore run by the United Way. We never thought that much of our practices as an advertising program. We feel we are just citizens of the planet trying to do the right thing whenever we could. As parents and grandparents ourselves, our legacy from this generation should matter to all of us.

FYI, the Greenest Buildings on the Planet are the ones already built...

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